Desi Mom Diaries: Little Man, Arman @ Work!

Parul Kakad , 15 Apr 2012

So, as you know I’ve been documenting my adventures with Arman on, here’s the next installment! 

parul kakad
parul kakad

This week I’ve decided to take you through all the professions that Arman just might venture into doing someday. Some I think are funny, some just happened to be pictures I shot at the right place at the right time!

whats it gonna be?
whats it gonna be?

And some of these are actually professions he says he wants to try!  If you’re wondering if I do this out of boredom, it’s not. It’s all actually school project stuff… I love his school btw! It’s called RBK (Reach Beyond Knowing) and I’m very happy with it. They constantly have thematic events where the children choose what they want to be (or dress up as.) Sometimes a favourite superhero, a profession of their choice or even people from different states. So here are some of Arman’s favourites!

so much little time
so much work.. so little time

Our little Salsero loves his music, dancing and… girls! (And you’ll be seeing them all from time to time.) He tells me, “mamma, Pia and Bansari are my best friends” and you can see so for yourself!

I’ve actually got a video of him dancing to Senorita which he performed at International Day in school. He’s currently in Nursery and every class had been given a country, his just happened to be Spain! Not only did the kids participate, the parents made their contribution too…

RBK moms.. Parul, Pinky & Chandani
RBK moms.. Parul, Pinky & Chandani

After looking at all his professions… have you decided what you think he’s gonna be? While browsing through his pictures I also found that he could be the next chocolate boy in the making! Who do you think he’s gonna look like, Ranbir or Shahid?

Arman Kakad, is it Ranbir or Shahid??
Arman Kakad, is it Ranbir or Shahid?

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Stay tuned for my Desi Mom Adventures!

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