Hot or Not? Does Anyone Else Hate Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring?

Sue Castellino
Angelina Jolie's engagment ring
Angelina Jolie’s engagment ring

Alright Brad Pitt, I know you love Angelina Jolie and you don’t need a ring to show it off, but this ring is soo…
typical. A giant rock set in platinum, one that you can see from the moon really isn’t what we thought your love would stand for. Maybe I had unreasonable standards for the most talked about couple in the world, but can you blame me?! Was anyone else expecting something more unique like for example Carrie Bradshaw’s black diamond in the Sex and the The City 2 movie? Ah well, they may have dropped the ball on the ring, but I HOPE Angie does better on the wedding dress.

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