Priyanka Chopra's PR Machinery - Doing More Harm than Good?

Rashmi Daryanani , 17 Apr 2012

We like Priyanka Chopra, but for some reason her PR people seem to be landing her in trouble lately. First, they influenced an article where Priyanka’s “friends” spoke of star wives – and instead of inspiring sympathy as was probably the intention, the result was that Karan Johar called her spineless and lame. Now, there’s another problem.
Earlier, we told you that Priyanka was reportedly earning as much as Ram Charan Teja for the Zanjeer remake. However, Ram Charan’s people are going into overdrive to make sure it is known that he’s earning 12 cr while Priyanka is receiving 5.5 cr. What’s the reason for the earlier news stories, then? Turns out that Priyanka’s PR machinery has been working extremely hard to make it seem she is on par with Kareena Kapoor, and is therefore leaking false stories about her remuneration.

So clearly not all seems to be going as planned for Priyanka’s PR people – unless you subscribe to the notion that any publicity is good publicity.

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