How to Dress for Bappa Lahiri's Wedding Reception

Rashmi Daryanani , 18 Apr 2012
Bappi Lahiri

Remember I told you I’d be attending Bappa Lahiri‘s wedding? I gave you a list of things I could expect at this wedding, but now that it’s today away, it’s hit me – I have no idea what to wear! So I took to Twitter to ask you guys what should be my outfit of choice, and the responses have been hilarious. And funnily enough, the suggestions fit cleanly into two categories – want to see?


Several of you believe I should try to ‘blend in’ well by going with what is no doubt the theme of the wedding…

Go for Gold!
Gold much?

@atlasdanced *lol* You cracked me up, it’s only slightly too much though. Wouldn’t want to upstage the bride now, would we? ;)

No Gold!

And a few of you believe I shouldn’t wear gold because I may just end up making a few people jealous…

Stay away from the gold!

So I’m still on the fence about this, but you better believe that no matter what I wear, I will be carrying a pair of sunglasses in my bag – I just have to protect my eyes from all that bling. Meanwhile, if you have any more suggestions, leave it in the comments!

While I’m at it, wouldn’t it be great to ride up in this special gold Tata Nano?

Goldplus Nano – front side-view

Haha oh God, please, someone tell Bappida this has to be the car that whisks the couple away to their honeymoon! I will personally ensure a (gold studded) ‘Just Married’ plate makes its way on if that’s the case. ;)

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