John Abraham: "Shah Rukh's Detention in the US is Justified" #TWHS

Rashmi Daryanani , 18 Apr 2012
John Abraham and Shah Rukh Khan

During Vicky Donor promotions, John Abraham was asked about Shah Rukh Khan‘s detention in a US airport when he travelled there to make his Yale speech. Here’s what John said.

John Abraham says: “Every country does its due diligence. Getting into India for foreigners is like hell. It’s not easy. The US is also doing whatever they can to make their country safe, so it is justified. It all depends on how personally you take the issue, and Shah Rukh handled it with a lot of grace.”
John Abraham

John also spoke of that incident where he spent six hours at a US detention centre because he had Afghanistan on his passport (he was there for two months shooting for Kabul Express). The FBI was called in and John claimed to have been asked the strangest of questions, but not much was reported about it because he didn’t want to use it as a media peg. He further claimed that this was all definitely racial profiling, because the majority of people who are detained are coloured.

Good on John for being so logical about it; it’s a frustrating thing to go through, no doubt, but it is justified.

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