Yuvraj Singh is Back (And Guess What Bollywood Song He Loves?)

Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Last night we happened to be out celebrating my friends birthdays and ended up at Rehab after an epic night at The Big Nasty. Karan Wadhera had just started spinning hip hop off his iPad (don’t miss him at Tote this Friday!) when suddenly Yuvraj Singh walked in and tucked himself into a corner table surrounded by bouncers.

I think it’s terribly cute that Yuvi’s only request all night was for Anarkali Disco Challi before he left at closing time. I think we have another winner kids :) I mean I hated the movie but the song is ace.

Oh and I didn’t want to stress him out asking for a picture since’s just gotten back and was doing his own thing, but how about I play you that song? xoxo

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