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I love this, pet lovers putting their love to good use, for free :) xoxo
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Vaishnavi Prasad
Vaishnavi Prasad

Vaishnavi Prasad loved animals. Any kind. Size, color, shape didn’t matter. Her only grouse was that she wasn’t allowed to keep any of them at home for long periods of time. One Friday afternoon she struck GOLD.

What if she could look after pets for a short period of time? But who would just give their pet to her for a week? And then she realized that she could pet-sit! Kennels and Shelters around the city are plentiful. However not only are they expensive but they won’t be able to give your animal individual attention like a dedicated pet-sitter.

She started Pet-Sitters India, an online community driven through Facebook that brings together animal lovers willing to look after pets for owners who want a nice quiet evening out or have to go out of the city on vacations or business trips. There is no charge for locating or even looking after your pets, it’s just a community with one common goal: to give animals the love and attention they deserve when their owners aren’t around.

Michelle Dsouza with Apple
Michelle Dsouza with Apple

She spoke to me about this and I jumped to the opportunity to get the word out simply because I know what it’s like to have a pet and groan at the thought of going out of town and having nowhere to keep Nemo (my dog) because Kennels are ridiculously expensive. While Vaishnavi operates out of Bangalore, I will moderate the Bombay crowd and facilitate from here.

“If you’re a person who loves animals and can’t keep a pet at home because of other commitments, then just volunteer here to watch someone else’s pet when they can’t take care of it!”

If you’re looking for some place to leave your beloved pet, while you’re off for the weekend, or out the whole day shopping, then just get in touch with someone here near you who can take care of your lil darling! This is a forum to allow animal lovers to meet and help each other.

Owners: If you’re going to give your pet to someone, please do so along with necessary supplies, and tip your volunteer. Because you know this takes effort!

Vaishnavi Prasad
Vaishnavi Prasad

So if you would like to volunteer or would like someone to look after your pets while you’re away (and we’re not just limiting this to dogs!) do join the Facebook page and get in touch with Vaishnavi or me if you have any questions.

We’re already (as of right now) 336 people strong and we know we can make a difference.

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