Vidya Balan

Hi MissMalini Peeps,

I think it is safe to say everyone in Bollywood recognizes Vidya Balan as a game-changer  when it comes to women-dominated films succeeding both critically and commercially. But do you know who else has recognized this?  Time Magazine.

The global news weekly currently has a poll out to narrow down nominees for the final 2012 Time Magazine 100 List, of the most influential people in the world. Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan have also made it to the list before, but what Vidya has accomplished is even more far reaching.  She has changed the landscape of Bollywood, proving that you don’t have to be a Khan, Kumar, Devgn, or a Roshan to head movies.  You also have to love how she made it to into the film industry from a TV background, without being a star kid, beauty pageant queen or model.

So click here to vote for Vidya Balan, and check out the other nominees who made it to the voting round!