Akshay Kumar Insured for Rs. 50 Crore!

Rashmi Daryanani , 23 Apr 2012
Akshay Kumar

Looks like insuring actors has become the new trend – recently added to the list is Akshay Kumar, who has been insured for a crazy sum of Rs 50 crore!
Being the khiladi that he is, Akshay’s films are usually full of stunts – and Akki is known for doing his own stunts in his film instead of relying on a body double. Obviously, Rowdy Rathore is no different and Akshay was insistent that he’d do the stunts himself. This prompted the filmmakers to insure him at 50 cr as a precautionary measure, since some of the stunts could have proven to be fatal.

We have to wonder whether this trend will take off soon in Bollywood!

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