Exclusive: Pooja Bedi Speaks Up About Her Criminal Case Against Pooja Misrra!

Rashmi Daryanani , 26 Apr 2012
Pooja Bedi
Pooja Bedi and Pooja Misrra

When we saw Pooja Bedi‘s tweet about taking Pooja Misrra to court, we had to ask her why exactly she’s taking that step. Here’s what told us – can anyone say drama, baby?

Pooja Bedi says, “It’s time we ensured we set things right and let our fans, family, friends and well wishers know we have taken action against her baseless, unsubstantiated allegations.”

Pooja Bedi has apparently had it up to here with Pooja Misrra’s unsubstantiated claims made about her, Akashdeep Saigal (Sky Walker) and Rohit Narang (Timmy Narang). Such claims by Pooja Misrra include…

1. Being defamed by Pooja Bedi and Sky Walker. In this article, Misrra made the claim that Bedi and Walker were paid money to come on Bigg Boss and malign/defame her.

2. Being stalked by Eesha Koppikar (Timmy Narang’s wife). In this article, Misrra claims the couple tortured her, indulged in espionage and jeopardized her career. She further claimed that it led to her breakdown and she couldn’t use her own phone because it had been tapped.

3. Getting a love bite from Sky Walker. At a press conference, Misrra claimed that Sky gave her a love bite while she was asleep. Then, in a subsequent interview with Femina, she said that Bedi put her in a state of trance by using hypnosis, after which Sky gave her the love bite.

Pooja Bedi and Pooja Misrra

Pooja Bedi says that these are all false, and had they been true, Misrra would have come forth with evidence already. They always ignored the claims Misrra made because, according to them, they were all purely for publicity. However, they had had enough and sent Misrra a notice calling upon her to hold a press conference within 7 days with all leading newspapers and news channels – in this press conference, she was supposed to apologize for the harassment and withdraw all her allegations. If she failed to do so, they would file criminal charges against her.

Pooja Bedi says, “She had 7 days to substantiate or apologise, neither of which she has done… so we are taking the next step and using the legal system to help us deal with this horrific defamation she has constantly been subjecting us to for the last 3 months. Now, we are filing in Andheri court.”

So, apparently she didn’t take that step, and now Bedi has gone to court to file a criminal case against her. Let’s see what happens next!

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