Happy International Dance Day! (Celebrate With Your Top 10 Bollywood Dance Tracks)

Rashmi Daryanani , 28 Apr 2012
Bollywood Dance Tracks

April 28th is International Dance Day (and, I’m dancing at a close friend’s Sangeet, how apt is that?) So in honour of what I now think is my new favourite day, I’m sharing with you my top 10 Bollywood dance tracks that have released within the past 12 months. Hopefully some of you will get inspiration for any Sangeets coming up in your family – and even if there isn’t one, I’m not gonna judge you for throwing yourself a little personal dance party in your bedroom!

1. Subha Hone Na De

I think this would have to be my favourite dance song of the year. It’s not just the bouncy music that makes it such a great pick – I feel like everyone has those nights that they just don’t want to end, so this is a perfect song for the nights that should just go on and on.

2. Thug Le

Ah, nothing like a good ol’ battle of the sexes to add masala to an already upbeat track.

3. Chammak Challo

There’s no way this song would be kept off the list. Definitely one of the more popular songs this year and I absolutely love it!

4. Pyaar Ki Pungi

This song is so. much. fun. I’d totally pick this for a dance performance that is meant to be hilarious – I feel you can do so much with it!

5. Mallo Malli

Love this Punjabi track by Lehmber Hussainpuri! If you’re up for a challenge, you can even try emulating Shahid‘s moves.

6. Rum & Whiskey

Another Punjabi number makes it on the list, this the more recent Rum & Whiskey from Vicky Donor. This is a great song for those who aren’t expert dancers; the beat isn’t too fast and you can generally just goof around and it’ll look good!

7. Chikni Chameli

Don’t judge me, but of course I’d put this song in – especially since there are so few songs for just girls to dance to, and this one isn’t even too vulgar as far as item numbers go.

8. Senorita

Love this song, great combination of Salsa and Bollywood, so you can totally mix up the moves for this one!

9. Aunty Ji

Absolutely love the fun vibe in this song. Plus points for whoever can convince their mom/aunt/grandmom to dance to this song!

10. Ooh La La

Aha! But I couldn’t leave out the great Bappi Lahiri, could I? If I did, I’m pretty sure Nowshad Rizwanullah would never forgive me. Nonetheless, this is one of this year’s more popular songs and you can totally go crazy with it – no complicated moves required, just fun!

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