Lady Gaga (Almost) Breaks a Record at Her Korean Born This Way Tour

Ranjit Rodricks , 28 Apr 2012

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Togged out in Versace and Armani Couture, Lady Gaga performed for the first time in Korea last night at her Born This Way Tour and in her own words, she had the second biggest fan turn-out in the history of concerts in Korea.

She tweeted a little while ago:

Gaga's tweet
Gaga’s tweet

And this comes after thousands of devout Protestant Christians in South Korea gathered to pray that her gig would be cancelled because – they claim – the star promotes homosexuality and pornography.

Well, someone up there didn’t seem to hear their prayers this time around!

Trivia: Who racked up the highest number of fans at a concert in Korea? The one and only – MICHAEL JACKSON!

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