Hey, this is Parul Kakad back with a peek behind the curtains where all the male bonding happens in my house, the daddy and son kind! Check it out…

Parul Kakad
Parul Kakad

To give you some background, it started with this look Mr. Kakad gave me 12 yrs ago. He looked at me through the rear view mirror of his car as I sat in the backseat and blushed away. A few years later, we were married…

Hiren n Parul Kakad
Hiren and Parul Kakad (12yrs ago)

…and our little rockstar Arman was born! Hiren refused to hold him on the first day and watched everyone handling him with care, he learned overnight and realised the joy of holding his son the very next day. Things changed from that moment on.

He began to realise all the things he would do for Arman; they laughed, they played, they even wore the same clothes sometimes!

Arman n Hiren Kakad
Arman and Hiren Kakad

Cute right?! They even slept together and every time in the exact same position! Almost as if they had pre-planned their pose. What a wonderful feeling 🙂

boys sleepin
Boys Sleeping

They can sit on the porch and stare at nothin for ages, go for walks together, drives together, watch movies together… They have this thing about them, when they’re together it’s as if no one else exists.

joys of life
joys of life

The father son duo know how to walk the walk and talk the talk… from travelling together or just chillin in the pool. I sometimes wonder what they’re whispering about, but it’s always their little secret…

Father n son
Father and son

They’ve also both got this mesmerizing look. Especially when it comes to pataoing the ladies! The minute I try to scold either one of them they’re busy complimenting my looks! Like this one time, Arman made a total mess with paints and I went on this rampage lecturing him when suddenly he walks up to me, looks deep into my eyes and says, “Mamma, you have such beautiful hair.”

I melted immediately! I went from angry to bursting with laughter and then he was like, “Now you’re not angry?”  I said, “No” and he’s like, “Okay, so lets go play now!” For a second I thought to myself boy, this guys knows his moves *ahem* I wonder where he’s getting it from?!

Arman n Hiren
Arman and Hiren

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