May 2nd Happy Birthday, Lily Allen! (Her Top 10 Songs)

Pooja Patel , 02 May 2012
Happy Birthday, Lily Allen!
Happy Birthday, Lily Allen!

It is Lily Allen’s birthday today, and I can still remember when I randomly came across her MySpace Music page, and fell in love with her music & voice. There is something different about UK artists that set them apart from other artists. They bring a complete different flavour to the table, and I truly believe that is what Lily Allen has done. I can’t even begin to share all of my favourite songs by her so below are just a few.


Personally… I enjoy listening to this song because it makes me giggle knowing Lily Allen composed this song about her ex-boyfriend (DJ Lester Loyd).

A little random fact about this song: Lily Allen performed it at the Secret Garden Party in 2006 in which she was quoted by Sun newspaper, “The festival was well good, particularly as Lester (my ex, who I wrote Smile about, and subsequently sold his story to the papers) had a tent positioned directly opposite the main stage. So he and his new girlfriend had no option but to watch me perform to a couple of thousand people singing Smile back to me. Oh, it’s the little things eh!” How funny is that?!!!


I have read that Lily Allen composed this song for a specific person, but says it is about pretty girls who are lost. Pretty girls can only get by with their looks for so long, and well… this song is exactly about that.

Not Fair

Would you believe me when I say that Lily Allen wrote this song for a specific person, played it for them, and the person didn’t even think for one second it was about them? LOL! How crazy is that?

The Fear

This song won the Best Track of the Year at the Virgin Media Music Awards 2010, where three million music fans voted.

Fu** You

The original name of this song was, “Guess Who Batman.”

5 o’Clock in the Morning

Being featured in this song did Lily Allen good. It was the first time she appeared on a Top 100 top 40 hit. Go Lily, it really is your birthday!


This song samples Sandie Shaw’s 1960s UK hit “Puppet On A String.”

Friend of Mine

This song is about a friend that did Lily Allen wrong, and she is still hurt from it because this incident that happened… occurred back when she was in school.


This song is actually a cover that Lily Allen did. This song is originally composed by the indie rock band The Kooks.

Littlest Things

This song topped the single charts in Argentina for approximately two weeks.

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