I met Sid at Channel [v], he was writing content for my team at the time while moonlighting with his band Scribe. One thing you have to love about Sid is that he is, without a doubt, just a really really good guy. Always friendly, generally happy and super helpful. When guys like this fall in love it makes me smile. Lucky, lucky girlfriend 🙂
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When in doubt, write it out!

That’s always been my funda. I’m currently working on my solo album, and the inspiration is, as it almost always is, a girl. At the risk of being labeled super-emo, I’ll say it. Yes, I’m in love. And even better, I’m in that stage of love where everything seems all bright and shiny. And what better way to express this love than to write songs about it? “Yeah, yeah. He’s a musician; he probably poops songs”, is what a lot of people will probably say. But I can only write when I feel something. And hell, yeah, I’m feeling it right now (now that’s a #TWSS moment).

Picture Credit Iza Viola
photo courtesy | Iza Viola

I usually write pretty intense lyrics, but for a change, I wanted to try something a little different. I’ve been working with the brilliant Sidd Coutto for a while now, and I was amazed with the way he writes. It just flows out of him. So for once, I stopped over thinking, and just wrote whatever came to my head. The first few tracks were pretty saccharine sweet, but then I also started writing songs that were funny.

Sidd Coutto (Picture Courtesy NH7.com)
Sidd Coutto (photo courtesy | NH7.com)

This one song I wrote called The Sandwich Song happened in a matter of 20 minutes. It actually started as a sappy love song, but then I turned it around during the chorus. She took really good care of me when I was ill, making me meals and I also can’t make tea to save my life. The one time I did, it was really watery, hence the chorus, which you will hear if you just hit play on the embedded video. I didn’t even write it with the intention of publishing it. It was just a two-minuter I wrote to make the love of my life laugh a little. And she did, so I put it up.

So I’ve learned an important lesson. Write a song if you feel it. And if you feel it, it can’t be that bad. All it takes is a few words strung together and a couple of simple chords on an instrument. Voila, you’re done.

In case you need them, here are the lyrics:

Receive me with open arms and let’s just sail away
Jump off the horizon into a better place
There’s nothing in this world that I would rather do
Than be right here, making a mess in the kitchen with you

Make me a sandwich
I’ll make you some watered down tea
Make me a sandwich
Potatoes, what we going to do with these?

Now I’ve been waiting all my life to walk right next to you
And if I had to run a marathon, I’d probably turn blue
But I’d do it anyway if that was the only way
To keep making a mess in the kitchen with you tomorrow and a day

Make me a sandwich
I’ll make you some watered down tea
Make me a sandwich
Potatoes, what are we going to do with these?