Amanda Bynes, Oops…She Did It Again!

Pooja Patel
Amanda Bynes (Photo by PR Photos)
Amanda Bynes (Photo by PR Photos)

Oh, Amanda Bynes! My heart goes out to you…it seems as though your luck is running sour. Perhaps you should take on some spiritual activity, and get your chakras in order? Or even give up drinking! We all heard about Amanda Bynes’ first incident with the hit-and-run, and being charged with a DUI (driving under the influence). Now, she’s in the news for a SECOND hit-and-run.

Worry not fans, this one had no alcohol involved, and apparently she did not have a clue that she side swept a car until police tracked her down with the help of a helicopter. Oh Amanda, I say you need to get yourself together before you can get your career together.

Don’t get me wrong…I happen to like a lot of the work Amanda has done (I enjoyed She’s The Man and What I Like About You), but as of late, her run in with the news, and vehicles (*lol*) hasn’t given her image any help. Amanda has stared in a lot of successful television series, and also films, but do you think this could dampen her career?