Rakhi Sawant Claims Aamir Khan Stole the Concept of Her Show

Rashmi Daryanani , 09 May 2012
Rakhi Sawant
Rakhi Sawant (photo credit | indiaforums)

In a recent interview, Rakhi Sawant claims that the production house of Satyamev Jayate (Aamir Khan‘s new show) stole the concept from her own show, Rakhi Ka Insaaf.

Rakhi Sawant says, “There is nothing original about Aamir’s show, because Rakhi ka Insaaf had already done all that.”

She claims she personally has nothing against Aamir (even going so far as to say he should be the country’s PM), but laments the double standards in the industry. According to her, when she did the show, people claimed it was all for TRPs and publicity – but when Aamir does it, it’s social service. She also touches upon the payment bit – Aamir fetches 3 crores per episode, but she got 5 lakhs.

I do totally get her point about the industry’s double standards. However, having never watched Rakhi Ka Insaaf, I can’t comment on whether Satyamev Jayate is really a copy or not. So I’ll ask you – is this just a Rakhi Sawant publicity stunt, or does this have truth to it?

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