A Mother's Day Gift - Simple, Easy, and Fun!

Pooja Patel , 13 May 2012
Mothers Day Gift Idea | Photo Credit gizmodo.com
Mothers Day Gift Idea | Photo Credit gizmodo.com

Mother’s Day is here, and if you’re reading this with an “oh no!” and are caught by surprise, you might want to order your mother some extraordinary flowers, and continue reading this blog-post for a super cool gift idea!

I’m a music fanatic, and also love to write. Which is what saved me in my young teenage years when I couldn’t afford anything extravagant to gift my mother for Mother’s Day. So, I remember my boombox, a blank tape, and some music I recorded off the radio that turned out to be a hit with her, and priceless to boot.

Music Dedicated To Mothers | Photo Credit WeCanBeOriginal.com
Music Dedicated To Mothers | Photo Credit WeCanBeOriginal.com

I realize now how thoughtful of a gift it truly was and if you forgot about getting your mother a gift, and really want to give her something special, I’d start mdownloading the following tunes to compile a mixtape for your mom. Let the woman who gave you life know how much you love, adore, and appreciate her. It’s an awesome idea especially if you live away from home… so when mom misses you she can pop in that tape, and remember that you miss her too.

A perfect start to the mix-tape in my opinion would be Boyz II Men song, “A Song for Mama.” This song was written by Babyface and is so beautiful.

A Song for Mama

The Backstreet Boys also had an awesome song dedicated to their mothers called, “The Perfect Fan” and in the song the best part is when all five members of the group sing together in the end in harmony.

The Perfect Fan

Christina Aguilera… this woman has the worlds best pipes! Honestly, have you heard her vocals? Christina’s song, “Oh Mother” dives into deeper topics than most of the songs mentioned in this post, but all mixtapes need a little depth. This song is very personal, and the ending is so beautifully done.

Oh Mother

On a brighter side is Taylor Swift’s “The Best Day,” which is about her mom, and all of the wonderful things she does for her when she is having a bad day.

The Best Day

Who could forget The Spice Girls – they too had a wonderful song dedicated to their mothers titled, “Mama.” This song was different because it was aimed towards the transition period of a relationship between a mother and and child.


Justin Bieber just recently released a song dedicated to his mother and did a great job expressing how much he loves his mother with this track – also a good choice for a mommy mix-tape.

Turn To You

And there you go – it’s as easy as that! Now get cracking!

What is your favourite song that you love for your mom?

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