Blakc! Alternative Rockers From Mumbai

Pooja Patel , 13 May 2012
Blakc | Photo Credit
Blakc | Photo Credit

As I’ve said before I’m a huge music fanatic, and one band in particular that I’ve fallen in love with is Blakc. I personally feel they bring a complete different flavour to the world of alternative rock and could only hope they see even more success. Blakc is a band from Mumbai consisting of Shawn Pereira, Shishir Thakur, Roop Thomas, Rein Dias, and Anish Menon. They released their debut album Choking On A Dream in 2009 and they’re set to release their second album sometime this month!

Check out the newest video from their upcoming album:

Blakc – Untitled

What do you guys think?

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