Desi Mom Diaries: Mother's Day Special

Parul Kakad , 13 May 2012

If you’ve been following my Desi Mom Adventures you’ve seen they’re usually always about me and my little one… But today is a very special day  for all us brats, who as young ones bugged our moms to bits. Here’s your chance to make it up to mommy!

Parul kakad n Arman
Parul Kakad and Arman Hiren Kakad

It’s Mother’s Day! Pick up the phone, call her, take her out… pamper her… spoil her… and tell her its her day and why she’s special in every way.

I often think about my childhood and remember how much I troubled my mom growing up. In fact, I still do! Only a child can throw their weight around with mom and get away with it. I remember all those times it happened to me, I’m sure it’s happened to you too…

parul n mom
Parul and Mom

Going to a restaurant and eating my favourite dish I’d tell my mom to “please make this at home, I love this” and she’d try her best and I’d totally dismiss it saying, “its not the same…” it took  me a second to say it not realizing what she’d be going through. Even some bad days when she’d stay hungry but make sure I got all my meals in time. Work like a robot on days I was sick or had exams, stayed awake with me just to make sure I’d be alright.

So today I decided to make this day about mothers from different walks of life, some of us who are mothers, all of us who have awesome mothers and the rest who will be mothers one day! I even asked a bunch of my super cute friends to send me a message for their moms on Mother’s Day and here’s what they had to say…

MissMalini (Celebrity & Lifestyle Blogger)

missmalini 1
MissMalini and mom

Juhi Pande (VJ)

juhi pande
Juhi Pande

Nausheen Ali Sardar (aka Kusum from Kkusum)

Nausheen ali 1
Nausheen ali Sardar n Mom

Shweta Verma now Shweta Tiwari (who starred in Hide ‘N Seek and Bhindi Bazaar, now married to Shah Rukh Khan’s brother-in-law)

Shweta n mom
Shweta and mom

I’ve learned quite a lot about being a mother from my darling mom. Whenever she got a chance she’d tease me and take me for a ride… I remember this one time we went out to eat and she said she wanted ketchup with her sandwich and I got her some… I sat down.. then she said I want some chilli sauce.. so when I went to get that for her and it wasn’t available… she turned around and said “I don’t wanna have this sandwich because there’s no chilli sauce” I was like, “mom, they don’t have it… what do I do?” she said, “it’s ok beta just wanted you to know how you guys troubled me when you were small!” That’s when I realized motherhood was not going to be easy!

Every time Arman puts me to the test, I remember what my mom said to me, the trick is to divert their minds! You grow everyday as a mother, a wife, a mentor and Arman never fails to make me realize that I’m a mom for the amount of times he yells “Mamma” in a day. “Mamma I want water, Mamma I want to paint, Mamma I want to go outside, Mamma where is Papa? Mamma…..” and it doesn’t stop.

On Friday he came running in and said “Mamma I got Minnie Mouse for you” and he pulled out a Mother’s Day card he had made for me at school!

mothers day card 1
mothers day card

I also asked a bunch of friends who are mothers what they had to say about Mother’s Day…

jyoti n kids
Jyoti and kids
Minita n Kushaal
Minita and Kushaal
chandni npia1
Chandni n Pia
aarti yash nigam 1
Aarti n Yash Nigam
Shruti n kids
Shruti and kids
Pinky n Bansari
Pinky and Bansari

And some new & about-to-be mom’s had the cutest comments!

Heena Jain
Heena Jain
Bhavna n Siyona
Bhavna and Siyona

So what are you waiting for? Call your Mamma now and tell her how much you love her!

Till then keep reading my blogs! Adios…

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