My Blog, Your Life: #DesiGirlTraveler Goes to South Africa!

Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan an editor at Travel + Leisure magazine in New York seems like our kinda girl. She sent me this photoblog and now I want to go back to Cape Town! :)
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Sarah Khan in Cape Town

If you haven’t yet been to South Africa, please stop reading this at once and go book a flight now. Yes, NOW. I promise you won’t regret it. Four days in Cape Town and two days on safari in Kruger National Park cemented this gorgeous nation’s fate as my New Most Favoritest Country Ever. And that’s saying something!

Table Mountain
Boulders Beach
random ostrich
Cape of Good Hope
sights and sounds
Bollywood posters
candy land
Robben Island
Grand Cafe & Beach
safari spotting
King Khan's bed at the Royal Malewane lodge
nyalas at the villa
monkey business

You can read more of Sarah’s work at and follow her on Twitter @BySarahKhan

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