Remembering The Queen of Disco, Donna Summer

Remembering The Queen of Disco, Donna Summer

Pooja Patel
Donna Summer | Photo Credit Getty Images
Donna Summer | Photo Credit Getty Images

It saddens me deeply to see another musical legend pass away. Donna Legend was the queen of disco from the 1970s era and she has a lot of hits that are still played non-stop until this day. Many musical artists have looked to her for inspiration, and have even sampled her work.

Love To Love You Baby

I feel this song helped pave her way into history, it was different and full of substance which caught everyone ear and was on instant replay. You may even think of Beyonce when you hear it because it’s been sampled in Naughty Girl. Also, I own this album (handed down to me from my parents) and the song on the album is actually 16:50 minutes long, the single was cut down to 4:57!

Bad Girl

This song helped Donna Summer achieve her The Queen of Disco title. It was #1 in the United States for 5 consecutive weeks. I actually remember this song from the movie Rugrats in Paris Angelica sang it, but the words were changed around a bit to avoid adult content.

Last Dance

Donna Summers got to do a lot of fun things in her career, and one of them was making a guest appearance on the popular show Family Matters she sang this song on the show at a karaoke contest as Steve Urkel’s aunt!

She Works Hard for the Money

This song was based on a real life experience. Donna Summers was at a restaurant in LA and when she went to the restroom, she noticed an employee sleeping. The employee woke up, and explained to Donna how she worked two jobs, and was exhausted. Later that night inspired by her, Donna wrote this song.

I Feel Love

Donna Summer was known to be a one-take artist she was able to go into the studio, sing a song, and leave. Donna was an incredibly talented woman, and to see her go breaks my heart.

What is your favorite Donna Summer song?