American Student Turns Internet Celebrity (in China!)

Pooja Patel
Jason Loose and Homeless Woman | Photo Credit

Jason Loose became an internet phenomenon and all he did was buy an order of French Fries! Wait, back up… read on to find out exactly how this young man found stumbled upon his 15 minutes of fame!

Jason is actually an American student at Nanjing University and became an internet celebrity because bystanders were impressed by his good deed – feeding a homeless woman. Jason helped her out by buying her some food, and on-lookers took pictures, and the next thing you know Jason is now known as, “American French Fry Brother” by Chinese Internet users!

Jason Loose and Homeless Woman | Photo Credit

Photos of the homeless woman eating the fries went viral, forwarded hundred of thousands of times on Sina Weibo (a popular micro-blogging service in China).

Check out the entire article MissMalini shared with me herself! It is truly inspiring!

See, a good deed will always bring a positive result! #PayItForward and post a comment below about a good deed you have done for someone or you’ve seen someone do!

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