Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time

Mike Melli , 20 May 2012

Ever wonder what the most watched YouTube videos are? Readwriteweb has kept tally since 2007 back when Evolution of Dance was the most watched video of all time… these days it doesn’t come close to the top 10 with a mere 195 million views.

YouTube all stars
YouTube all stars

That was all before a huge joint venture called Vevo was launched between Sony Music, Universal Music, and EMI to share ad revenues with Google (which owns YouTube). The result was complete domination of music videos on YouTube, occupying 9 out of the current top 10 spots. Combined these 10 videos have been viewed over 4.5 BILLION times. So if you’re looking to kill about 40 minutes this Sunday, have a watch below.

1. Justin Bieber – Baby ft. Ludacris – 738,811,644 views

Now I’m not a big fan of the Biebs, but you have to be impressed with nearly 3/4 billion views, which is 200 million more then the next video on the list.

2. Jennifer Lopez – On The Floor ft. Pitbull – 540,604,017 views

I’m convinced that J.Lo’s primary reason for joining the cast of American Idol was to release this single, and the strategy paid off big time.  On The Floor topped the charts in 18 different countries, became J.Lo’s best selling single (after 4-5 years of no airplay), and is currently the 15th highest selling single of all time.

3. Shakira – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – 469,400,253 views

How do you top the charts in nearly 20 countries?? Becoming the official song for 2010 FIFA World Cup is a start… that and a sexy, scantily clad Colombian superstar doing tribal dance.

4. Lady Gaga – Bad Romance – 465,870, 191 views

Got to give it to Gaga for her creativity. This award winning video depicts Lady Gaga being kidnapped by supermodels who drug her and bring her to a bizarre Russian Mafia bathhouse… she gets her revenge in the end though!

5. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna – 460, 320, 253 views

Slim Shady is the only artist to have 2 songs on this top 10 list, and both are from the same album. Recovery was the best selling album of 2010, and this music video, starring Megan Fox in a violent relationship, caused a lot of controversy.

6. Charlie Bit My Finger – again! – 454, 366, 469 views

The only non-music video in the top 10, and the most viral user-uploaded video in history. Say what you will people… soon enough half a billion people will have watched this one.

7. LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock  – 437,456, 390 views

This song broke all kinds of records when it was released last year. It sold 6 million copies in less then a year, was the 3rd best selling digital single of 2011, and has remained on the Billboard charts for over 60 weeks since it debuted.

8. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro ft. Lucenzo – 346,003,160 views

Puerto Rican artist Don Omar released his first mega international hit in August of 2010 and it reached #1 in ten countries throughout South America and Europe.

9. Michel Telo – Ai Se Eu Te Pego – Oficial (Assim voce me mata)  – 339,496,308

This Brazilian singer’s recording of the song became an instant international hit topping the charts in 20 countries throughout Europe and South America. The English version translates to ‘Oh, If I Catch You’ which you can watch here.

10. Eminem – Not Afraid – 338,035,618 views

When this came out in 2010 it was my favorite Eminem single since Lose Yourself. The song is about Marshall Mathers rise above drugs and violence and carries a positive, albeit angry, message about fighting his own demons. The video shows him rapping in alternating scenes between a rooftop and a dark basement that he can’t escape from. It climaxes with him punching through the basement’s brick wall and a Matrix-esque leap where he flies through the city creating a sonic boom.

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