Anita Dongre and MissMalini
Anita Dongre and MissMalini

I suppose you know that MissMalini loooooves Anita Dongre. Now thinking about it, she might possibly be her biggest fan! SO, that got me flicking through her collections all day y’day (*hush*hush* between you and me, erm, I was skiving…) and, gotta say, ain’t bad at all, ain’t bad. While browsing I also found out that she has a new flagship store in Mumbai, so I thought I should share it with y’all. Click through for deets 🙂

The store’s spread over 4500 square feet at Fort. It has all her signature lines Iinterpret, Timeless and Grassroot along with her two most popular high street fashion brands AND & Global Desi. And that’s not all…

AD Man at Anita Dongre's new store in Fort, Mumbai
AD Man at Anita Dongre’s new store in Fort, Mumbai

…It also showcases her new menswear line, AD Man, which comprises of ready-to-wear options such as traditional sherwanis, kurtas, jodhpuris, fluid cotton & linen shirts, bijan, and suits and woolen blend trousers of high-end price point.

Anita Dongre's new store at Fort, Mumbai
Anita Dongre’s new store at Fort, Mumbai

Do check it out and let me if it’s any good. Should it be a must-stop for my Mumbai visit? Errr, I’ve no idea when that trip is going to take place but I’ve making a list of places-to-vist for… EVER!

P.S. Oh, here’s the address…

Great Western Building,
Opp. Lions Gate,

Tel: 022-66340923