Madonna for President!

Pooja Patel
Madonna (Photo by PR Photos)
Madonna (Photo by PR Photos)

When asked what she would do if she could be President for a day Madonna was quoted saying, “You can’t change much in one day. I would like to be president for a longer time. I wouldn’t spend as much money for weapons but for education and art.”

That’s right readers! Madonna wants to be the president of United States, and her platform would be to stop money from being spent on weapons of mass destruction.

Madonna has been entertaining audiences for nearly 30 years and, as the world’s top selling female recording artist, more then 300 million of her records have been sold! The 53 year old pop diva claims her continued success comes from reinventing herself over, and over again. I truly enjoy hearing her say, “It is harder to stay famous than become famous. There isn’t a rule for staying successful. You have to love what you’re doing, feed your soul with ideas and are not allowed to stop growing. That helps create art. When it comes to work I don’t take anything for granted.”

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This last quote reminds me of what MissMalini says about herself in this article :) Check it out!

So, Madonna lovers… would you vote for her to be president?