Five Style Tips from Imran Khan!

Rashmi Daryanani
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Today, Denizen hosted a bloggers’ meet with Imran Khan (who’s a self-confessed “denim geek”), where he spoke about the new line that he helped design. Now I have to say, he doesn’t only look super cute in jeans (*drool*), he actually knows his jeans as well! He also shared bits about his personal style, so for those of you who want to emulate his style – we’ve got 5 tips for you to follow!

Imran Khan (photo credit | Sejal Purohit for

1. Go for neat silhouettes.

Imran personally likes his jeans to have a straight cut. He doesn’t like those that bunch up around the legs, nor does he like lots of patches on his clothes.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Bharti Nair for

2. Pull out the ties!

He’s a huge tie person and loves wearing them. Unfortunately, he hates that they’re considered to be mostly “formal” wear – which is the reason (despite his many attempts) that ties weren’t a part of the Denizen line.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Bharti Nair for

3. Know how to dress up your jeans.

He thinks jeans are inappropriate for formal events and wouldn’t wear them to one. But, they’re fine for semi-formal wear, once dressed up correctly. He’d wear a dark rinse with a shirt, and pair that with a tie or blazer (never both!) and good shoes.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Bharti Nair for

4. Wear the right pair of shoes!

Imran said that he doesn’t understand why people don’t pay attention to their shoes and end up wearing the same pair to both a day event and a night one.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Bharti Nair for

5. Go minimal on the accessories.

Imran doesn’t wear much accessories; he only ever wears two rings. One is his wedding band and the other one is this “his and her” ring he designed for his and Avantika‘s 3rd anniversary. Aww!

Imran Khan (photo credit | Sejal Purohit for

As for co-designing his own line, Imran confessed he didn’t know much about designing going into this whole process, he just knew what people like him want to buy. According to him, there’s a great disconnect between the people who actually design clothes and those who wear them, so this was an attempt to bridge the gap.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Sejal Purohit for for

Besides Imran’s signature on each piece, there are a few things that’s very “him” in the line – for example, he used to tuck his ring into his jeans pocket before doing anything with his hands, so his jeans would always sport a ring-sized imprint on the pocket. He also uses two phones, so both the pockets of his jeans would get frayed slightly. These bits of inspiration have been incorporated into the line, as well as a few things that are very Imran.

Imran Khan (photo credit | Sejal Purohit for

This is a men’s line, but don’t despair, ladies – they’re already working on a women’s line! And in the meantime, you can always wear one of the shirts – according to Imran, guys love seeing girls in men shirts! You guys out there agree?

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