Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Actress Sonam Kapoor has a bee in her well-coiffed bonnet and it’s directed to towards Filmfare magazine’s latest issue which carries an interview with her!

The magazine has quoted her as saying, “No actress has benefited from being a Khan heroine!”

Now we don’t know if this is directed at any one particular Khan or all of the stellar Khans in Bollywood! But even before you can decipher the code between the lines, Sonam took to Twitter to deny she ever said that and has accused Filmfare of having “Grossly misquoted” her.

Sonam's tweet
Sonam’s tweet

Hmmm! Whatever happened to taped interviews? And if the journos don’t carry their own dictaphone, it might be preferable for Sonam to carry her own for interviews, next time!