Women's Health Day, Yoga Girl's Gyan!

Diya Kurien Kapoor , 28 May 2012
Diya Kurien Kapoor aka Yoga Girl
Diya Kurien Kapoor aka Yoga Girl

When people ask me why they should start yoga I have difficulty answering their question. Not because I don’t know a good enough reason, but because there is SO much good that can come from beginning a regular yoga practice that it’s practically impossible for me to choose just one! From revving your metabolism, to increasing your brain power, there’s something for everyone in yoga…you just need to get a taste and the rest will follow…. so here are some of my top reasons to get into Tadasana today :)

8 reasons to start yoga today!

1. Flexibility – regular practice helps to create more flexible muscles all over the body allowing for a more supple, slender shape… so not only will you be able to touch your toes, but all that stiffness in your shoulders and back can finally be stretched away!

2. Strength – not only  does all that stretching tone you up, it also builds muscle and bone strength in the body! (Helping to ward off early osteoporosis in women)

3. Immunity Booster – think of your yoga as a multivitamin… one a day definitely keeps the doctor (and all those nasty medical bills) away! Practicing consistently is proven to help strengthen the immune system thereby helping the body fight infections. (i.e. the common flu that comes around every monsoon.)

4. Stamina – certain poses when consistently practiced are known to help boost the body’s stamina… thinking of running that marathon next year? Get on that yoga mat today :)

photo courtesy | healthyoga.com
photo courtesy | healthyoga.com

5. Relaxation –  the beauty of yoga is that it primarily works on engaging the Mind-Body connection… as the body becomes more flexible and open allowing for energy to flow freely throughout, the mind also creates spaciousness and is able to quieten and reflect free from distraction… in other words this is the ultimate stress buster!

6. Lung Capacity – Breath and body coordination is essential in yoga, and the more you practice, the more your are able to breathe more fully.

7. Concentration – Standing and balancing poses in yoga not only work on increasing the muscular strength of the body but also help improve the ability to focus and helps sharpen one’s powers of concentration…try it before that next power point presentation!

8. Digestion– perhaps one of the first things early practitioners of yoga notice is that their digestive systems begin to work amazingly (i.e. no more reaching for that tummy medicine!) In fact,yoga is also known to help increase the metabolic rate, allowing food to digest faster and therefore calories to burn at a greater speed… hows that for incentive ladies?

Diya Kapoor currently teaches women only (prenatal, postnatal and regular yoga). To book a private class in Delhi contact Diya Kurien Kapoor | Ph: +91 98110 57111 | emaill: [email protected]


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