Guest Blogger: Durjoy Datta – How to Avoid Ending Up In the “Best Friend” Zone!

Durjoy Datta , 29 May 2012
Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

We find girls cribbing about failed relationships and careless boyfriends, asking themselves: Where are all the decent guys? The answer to that is: Right where you left them — in the best friend zone! And so, all around us, we see guys being “best friends” with the girl they want to be in a relationship with. Without getting into the mess of placing the blame at either of the sexes, here are a few tips for guys to not end up in the best friend zone with the girl they love:

  1. The right beginning: Guys often believe that friendship is the best platform for starting a relationship. While it does prove fruitful in several cases, it is also the very thing that might result in putting them into the best friend zone. Caution!
  2. Let her know: Even though girls already have a hyper sensitive seventh sense to know when a guy likes her, don’t ever take that for granted. Tell her what you feel, or you’ll regret the silence forever.
  3. Don’t be too available: Let her realize your worth. If you’re there for her every time she wants you, she’ll take you for granted. It’s not her fault; it’s basic human nature.
  4. Play dirty: Hang out with a hot girl, just to make her jealous. If she has feelings for you, she’ll envy any girl hanging out with you! And then she’ll wonder why. There. That’s how she knows she loves you.
  5. Know when to stop: Learn to draw lines, and set limit for yourself. For example—if the girl is someone else’s, she’s someone else’s. Respect her choice and let her be. You don’t want to see her heartbroken.

Almost always, it’s the guys who misread signals and end up in the friend zone forever. So, if she warned you right from the beginning, and you still stayed “best friends” with her all along, in hope that she will someday fall in love with you, you need to realize that when she doesn’t—it’s not her fault. It’s you who needs to move on and get a life!

Durjoy Datta is the author of six bestsellers and has sold over a million copies over the last four years. When he is not doing that, he struggles to make a living as an entrepreneur and is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers.
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