Yellow Fever is Back!

Sanjana Samuel , 30 May 2012
crazy and loving it

After the drizzle in Mumbai 2 days ago (okay it was for exactly 6 seconds, but well that counts), all I could think of was wearing a bright yellow dress and a polka dot umbrella and skipping in the rain (yes, little Lulu resides in every adult girl). I am loving BRIGHT YELLOW right now and everything bright, happy and crazy it stands for. Incorporate it in your wardrobe and instead of a downer pot holed monsoon, it’ll just perk you up. This trend has been a summer favorite but its going to spill over to the monsoons too!

yellow color set

Bright yellow is best worn as a dress, top, jacket or a skirt. Do the top with dark blue jeans and not black because in Mumbai someone will flag you down thinking you are a taxi or worse sit on you! So do yourself a favor and do the black in small doses.

yellow pallazos

You can do a mellow yellow in jeans and shorts that would work best and yellow accessories (bags, shoes) are such a mood up-lifter and so cute. Color blocking is also a great choice, yellow and bright green, yellow and bright blue, go a little crazy!

misha in yellow mini dress
Misha Barton in a yellow jeweled mini dress

What did you guys think, like the bright yellow trend?

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