I hope you’ve been following my Desi Mom Adventures and if you read my previous blog wondering why I play “dress up” with my little one (that’s the last time I did that btw!) I do lots of boy-stuff with him too, check it out…

Parul Kakad
Parul Kakad

He may be a pretty boy, but Arman loves adventure. He saw me sky diving two years ago and has been wanting to do it ever since. So every night he and I secretly go skydiving…

He has this imaginary friend called Parul the Pilot who comes along in the night sky, seats him in a plane buckles up and gets geared up to skydive. I recorded this little sound clip of his nightly adventure, here, listen!

Also check out my skydive video that inspired him!

And now we’ve made our way from skydiving to bungee jumping… that’s his latest obsession! So, you may have seen now-a-days we have these small mini bungee setups in malls, Arman loves those!

And he even knows which malls have them, so the rule is, before we proceed to mamma shopping we need a dose of adrenalin and a box of popcorn and then he’s all set!

Arman Kakad Bungee
Arman Kakad Bungee

Now isn’t that a good deal?

So over the last couple a months we’ve been doing some pretty adventurous stuff from secretly skydiving to sailing and zorbing…

Arman Does Zorbing
Arman Does Zorbing

His best (boy) friend from class Hridank went home and told his mom that he’d like to go sailing…

Parul, Hiren, Arman n Hridank
Parul, Hiren, Arman and Hridank

So we spent a day out on our very own Indian seas. Our little Rockstar Arman was not very happy wearing a life jacket because it was too big for him so he comes up to me (because I wasn’t wearing one) and says, “mamma you wear the life jacket, and if you fall in the water I will come save you!”

Arman n Parul Kakad
Arman and Parul Kakad

Every time he says something like that my heart fills with bubbles and every time a bubble pops, I want to bounce up ans down like that Fanta ad! Keep following this blog for more advnetures and Like Arman’s Facebook page here: Arman Hiren Kakad.

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