June 4th: Happy Birthday, Angelina!

Sanjana Samuel
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Photo Courtesy | ©ImageCollect.com/ Globe-Photos)
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (Photo Courtesy | ©ImageCollect.com/ Globe-Photos)

As Angelina Jolie blows an extra candle on her cake and turns 37, I take you through her style over the years, from gothic crazy to sophisticated lady!

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1997-2000: Angelina is quite the head turner (in the beginning for all infamous reasons) with her wild-child look, head to toe black leather clothing and sporting either a blood vial around her neck or a shaved head.

Here Angelina looks like she’s walked off the sets of Adams Family and into a Men in Black movie, with her washed out make-up and all black ensemble.

2003- 2008: Angelina’s fashion took a drastic turn after her divorce from Billy Bob Thornton, the adoption of her first child Maddox, and the beginning of her relationship with Brad Pitt. From rebel child, she started wearing more form fitting womanly clothes and black became just another color in her wardrobe, not her second skin.

2009- 2012: After 6 kids, tons of style awards, humanitarian work across the globe, one handsome hunk on her arm and now one solid rock on her finger, Angelina still shows the world that if there’s one person who can show one leg and launch a frenzy, it’s her! The past few years have been all about comfort, when she’s around the kids and red carpet glam or when she’s being accompanied by Brad.

Happy Birthday Angelina Jolie, the prize for the most evolved style has to go to you!