Guest Celebrity Blogger: Arshiya Fakih Eappen - Tricks to Turn Your Wardrobe Around!

Arshiya Fakih Eappen , 11 Jun 2012
Throw in a scarf on a cutesy knit top and see it comes alive!

– Shop a bunch of handy accessories like scarves, belts, bags, earrings etc. It can lift up the most boring outfit effortlessly.

– Try and pick pieces that can be mixed and matched with pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.

– Before you go shopping, check out some reliable websites, like MissMalini ;) or fashion magazines that give you the latest trends. It’s a lot easier and quicker to pick up the ‘right’ pieces that way.

Check out how this Sonia Rykiel dress is giving the illusion of being much longer. Very clever!

– Try interesting prints and colour blocking. This is the easiest trick to look slimmer. Trust me, even the most clueless guy knows when you are wearing black to the hide the extra pounds you just ate!

Lipsy London, animal print shorts.
Lipsy London, animal print shorts.

– Pick up pieces which have more than just 1 trend incorporated in them, but are not too busy. The print is in. Shorts are definitely the flavour for the summer. And the visible zipper, is a fun trend too.

Kate Spade bag
This metallic finish Kate Spade bag, will add just the right amount of zing.

– ‘Shine on’! I love how a little bit of bling can make you look glamorous and chic. Please note, subtlety is key!

– Be a bit experimental! Try new colours and silhouettes, especially ones that are happening for the season. Sometimes an outfit can look very different after being worn. Unless you try it, you won’t know!

– Last but not the least, always wear the correct lingerie and heels. It’s important to know how an outfit will finally look on you.

That’s me signing off. Stay tuned for more…

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