And in The Red Corner for Louis Vuitton... Muhammad Ali!

Karen Alfonso , 14 Jun 2012
Muhammad Ali (photo courtesy | historicalwallpapers)
Muhammad Ali (photo courtesy | historicalwallpapers)

Models who resemble Greek goddesses or Hollywood’s A-listers are usually seen posing for ad-campaigns of major luxury houses, but Louis Vuitton has opted for a different route this time ­­– boxing legend Muhammad Ali has been chosen to front the Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign!

The previous face of the campaign was Angelina Jolie, which was shot in Cambodia.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie (photo courtesy | Louis Vuitton)

Shot by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz, Ali is snapped in the backyard of his Arizona home with a Keepall logo tote and an equally cute accessory – his 3-year-old grandson who dons boxing gloves in the shot! The tagline for the campaign reads:

“Some stars show you the way. Muhammad Ali and a rising star.”
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali (photo courtesy | Louis Vuitton)

The Louis Vuitton Core Values campaign is a separate campaign that runs at the same time as their other seasonal ones. Past faces include U2 frontman Bono, Keith Richards and Sofia Coppola. Cool eh? What do you think of their choice for the campaign? Unusual or inspirational?!

Keith Richards
Keith Richards (photo courtesy | Louis Vuitton)
Sofia Coppola
Francis Ford and Sofia Coppola (photo courtesy | Louis Vuitton)

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