June 14: Danny Sura's a Gemini Too! Here's His Bucket List.

MissMalini , 14 Jun 2012
Danny Sura
Danny Sura

You can leave your birthday wishes for Danny in the comments below and we’ll make sure he gets them! :) xoxo

Danny Sura celebrates his Birthday today, yay! It’s been one year since he came to Mumbai with a dream in his heart and he’s been keeping himself busy doing exactly that; shooting TVC’s, touring around the world and acting in a Bollywood movie! We wish him all the best for the future and lots of love and luck from Team MissMalini!

Danny’s Bucket List

Danny Sura
Danny Sura

A bucket list, in case you haven’t heard is a list of things you want to do before you die (comes from the term “kicked the bucket” see?) we know you have loads of time to fit this all in Danny, just make sure take lots of pictures and blog about every one! *lol*

1. Own a ferrari
2. Do a bungee jump
3. Act opposite Amitabh Bachchan
4. Get a tattoo
5. Learn how to play the guitar
6. Travel the world
7. Direct a film
8. Be more patient
9. Be more at peace with myself and everyone else
10. Walk the red carpet at The Oscars

Danny Sura Twitter wishes
Danny Sura Twitter wishes

You can read Danny Sura’s blogs about his adventures in Bollywood for MissMalini.com and subscribe to his V-logs on YouTube : Breaking Into Bollywood with Danny Sura.

Follow him on Twitter @DannySura

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