Was Sangram Singh Really Nude in this PETA Ad?

Ranjit Rodricks

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Wrestler Sangram Singh has been saying all the wrong things in an interview with TimesOfIndia online. For starters, he claims that he was not nude when he posed for the PETA advertisement (inset) which has been shot by photographer Pravin Talan. He claims he was wearing a skin-coloured underwear and three leaves!

“Not true,” says a source who worked on the shoot! “He was nude and covered his modesty with a leaf!”

And if that’s not enough, Singh has gone on to claim, “I’m the first male brand ambassador of PETA.” Of course, if he’d done his homework before he dished out interviews, he would have found this:

John Abraham for PETA
John Abraham for PETA

Want to retract your statements, Sangram? Or claim that you were misquoted?

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