June 20th: Happy Birthday, Nicole Kidman! (Divorce Suits You.)

Karen Alfonso , 20 Jun 2012
Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman (photo courtesy | Celeb101)

Happy Birthday Nicole Kidman! If there was ever an example of a person who benefited from divorce it Nicole. After her split with Tom Cruise (I consider it to be the 2nd most shocking divorce after Brad and Jen) Kidman resumed wearing heels and scooped up an Oscar for her role in The Hours. How’s that for getting back at your ex? While she maybe considered an ice princess we have to credit her for being one of the most versatile actress out there. From shimmying to a Bollywood number in Moulin Rouge to wearing a fake nose for her role in The Hours, Kidman has done it all. Just to give you a refresher course here’s a lost of her most memorable roles.

1.  Moulin Rouge

I just love it when Hollywood and Bollywood combine and when Nicole prances about to Chamma Chamma she had me the first dhol beat.

2. Eyes Wide Shut

Sex, lies and Tom Cruise. This sexually charged film which captured the chemistry of Nicole and Tom has got to be one of her most critically acclaimed roles.

3. Batman Forever

Who doesn’t love Batman? Nicole plays Dr. Chase Meridian his love interest in this film. She essays the role of a femme fatale perfectly. Definitely a stand-out part.

4. The Hours

My favourite Kidman film because it really proves her acting chops. She’s almost unrecognizable as Virginia Woolf wearing a prosthetic nose with a hoarse voice to boot.

5. Days of Thunder

I love a good romance and it was on the sets of this film that Nicole and Tom first fell in love. You can instantly see the chemistry sizzle between them. And all you adrenaline junkies HAVE to watch this film!

Nicole’s Indian Connection

Nicole Kidman famously starred along side our very own Bollywood hottie Arjun Rampal in an ad for Schweppes. Directed by Shekhar Kapur, Kidman romances Rampal in a palace in Rajasthan. Doesn’t she look ethereal?

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