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Sheena Agarwal, Director, Urbanista Image Consulting, is an expert on personal and corporate grooming. Here are her travel packing tips!

Sheena Agarwal
Sheena Agarwal

Thanks to low budget airlines and limited baggage allowance, I often find people struggling to carry enough and more for the journey. Mixing and matching clothes (what we call “creating capsules”) seems like a daunting task. Here is an attempt to help you put together a stunning look for every occasion that you attend during your travels.

# 1 Rule: Keep it simple!

We recommend clean cuts over complicated structure when traveling. This gives you the leeway to combine clothes interestingly with other garments.

Here is a 7-day capsule.


A red dress is not only evening-wear but can be paired during the day with a black blazer if you are heading to a formal event or a white cardigan for a casual day out. Using these three garments, you can optimize your look for four occasions effortlessly.

With the blue dress, not only is it an easy day-wear all by itself, it can be glammed up with accessories for the evening or put together with a blue, cream or black blazer for different occasions.

For this 7-day journey, we packed only two pairs of footwear. Use them with any of your garments to tone down or glam up!

Having a high style quotient every single day is not so much about spending more but about knowing how to co-create various looks for yourself.

Bon Voyage!