Songs That Rock My World.

Marv D'Souza , 21 Jun 2012
World Music Day
World Music Day

Imogen Heap sang the line, “Music is worthless unless it can… make a complete stranger… break down and..cry”.  Music is worthless if you don’t listen.’ On World Music Day, I share a list of tracks that rock my world.

1. Heartlines by Florence and the Machine

With drum rolls and chanting choirs, the song begins as a tidal wave. Heartlines has been my morning wake-up song since its release a few months ago. The sheer joy and uplifting rhythm of the drums makes the day so worth chasing.

2. Just Say Yes by Snow Patrol

A track that marked a distinct shift from Snow Patrol’s signature sound like in Run and Chasing Cars. What set this piece apart from Snow Patrol’s previous offerings is the electro-synth rhythm but true to their style, they plugged in the build up to the chorus. Just Say Yes is a happy yet exasperated please when all you want to hear is “yes”.

3. Rolling and Tumbling by Jeff Beck Featuring Imogen Heap

I had made up my mind already, that the day I show my first clothing collection, I will use this track for the runway. Once again the drums come in and lift the entire mood of the track. Imogen Heap teamed up with guitar legend Jeff Beck for a power track that you will be tapping your feet and chugging your “whiskey”…  as in the track.

4. Comfortably Numb (cover) by Arooj Aftab

To make things a little mellow, I stumbled upon this Comfortably Numb cover two years ago at a friend’s store. The musician Arooj Aftab was then a student of music in the US when she mixed this track with her soulful voice. Every time I hear her part in the song I get chills down my spine.

5. Do What You Want by Jasefos. Mixed by Tiesto

Electronic music hits you at a point when your senses have completely shed their inhibitions. Then it’s left to the beat and a distant, angelic voice to take you to a beautiful place. My place was Goa in a room with 4 people I love. A moment I relive every time I hear this sound.

6. No Ordinary Morning by Chicane

I’ve always loved a sad song with a happy tune. No Ordinary Morning is the perfect song after a night of partying, before dawn breaks, you pick yourself and reminisce about that one person.

7. Be My Girl by Jet

We’re picking up the rhythm with The Jet’s classic. As old school, raw and sexy the track is, it was also used in a Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show. Boys are you paying attention…

8. Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode

Some songs are played once. Some songs are played over decades. Some songs get branded as classics and songs like this one get reinvented from their original format over and over. Each time a new version is out, it’s bigger, better and yet the original has its own standing. I am going to shut up for now and let you enjoy the silence.

9. U + Ur Hand by Pink

Cheesy, chick pop/rock is everyone’s guilty pleasure at some point. Girls, you know how you go to the bar and creepy guy stalks you, annoying guy hounds you and testosterone guy just don’t get it? Pink has summed all that in one song and you should play it over and over.

10. Mr. Brightside by The Killers

Perhaps one of all time favourite modern rock singles, Brandon Flowers entered my crush list with this track. The killer, it turned out to be the 21 century version of old school band The Cure. (I love it so much, compared to how much I like it you hate it!)

Wildcard:  Sar Kiye Ye Pahar by Strings

This is was one of the few Hindi songs to go on my pod. A track that I hunted down from the past and downloaded Bilal Maqsood’s sexy-soft voice makes this song perfect alongside the string arrangements.

There you have it, my favourite tracks amongst the many others that I constantly keep on a loop. Read about my love affair with music on my own blog. Holla!

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