Your Jupiter is in Gemini.

MissMalini , 23 Jun 2012
Jupiter in Gemini (photo courtesy |
Jupiter in Gemini (photo courtesy |

If you want to intuit what the next 12 months of Jupiter in Gemini will mean to you, spend a few moments looking at the word-cloud above. Which words jump out of the mix and into your reality? You can expect them to be a focus – and this is where you’ll find your luck and prosperity this year!

If you think all this zodiac stuff is silly hocus pocus you should probably stop reading now. Alright, you’ve been warned.

Someone told me the other day that “Jupiter was in Gemini” it sounded intriguing because a) I’m a Gemini and genuinely feel connected to other Geminis for some reason so think there might be something to it and b) someone once told me that my “Moon was in Virgo” and it explained the mystery of my un-Gemini-like OCD. (I had warned you, had I not that if you don’t believe stop while you can but you didn’t listen did you?) So for those of us who are intrigued here’s what all this mumbo-jumbo means.

From June 11, 2012 to June 26, 2012…

(Apologies in advance for the Nostradamus-like prophetic tone.)

photo courtesy |
photo courtesy |

Gemini is a stupendous sign! Fun, crafty, curious, spontaneous, hilarious, youthful and a whirlwind of never-ending surprises. So, now that Jupiter, that big ball of luck and catharsis, is in Gemini life will be getting interesting!

As Jupiter goes into Gemini we will experience altered and expanded perception. Jupiter wakes up the mind to seeing the inverted, upside-down or sideways view. Everything looks different, and so can be changed!

People will talk (and gossip!) more with Jupiter in Gemini and what they say will spread quickly. This planetary placement does not hold secrets well – good or bad. If you want to get the word out about something, it’s very favorable. If someone is spreading rumors about you, not so much.

This is a time for big ideas and you will benefit from talking to your Gemini friends (so do leave me a comment!)

To get an idea of how Jupiter will affect your life while in Gemini for the next year, try to remember what was going on in your life from June 30, 2000 to July 12, 2001 – that was when Jupiter last traveled through Gemini. You know what’s crazy? That was the year I packed up my life into one little suitcase and moved here. *just got goose bumps*
zodiac signs (photo courtesy |
zodiac signs (photo courtesy |

Here’s what I dug up about how this will effect all the signs of the zodiac just in case you were curious, you’re welcome :)
PS. Hey cynic, still reading eh?

Aries: If you say it, so it will be! Send it out into the universe. Words are your power now, declare what you want and watch your dreams come true. You’ve got a major case Manifest Destiny coming atcya!

Taurus: Live it up big time! Because what you do to spoil yourself will come back to reward you! Forget worrying about the future, live it up now — the universe will match you dollar for dollar.

Gemini: Your genius and happiness will be found in all things new. New ideas, new relationships, new style, new career, new home, etc. Roam in uncharted territories for your best and most fulfilling adventures. Trust your emotional intuition.

Cancer: Jackpot! All that you get can be anything you dream — as in literally pay attention to your sleep time drifting for images and clues. Sweet dreams!

Leo: This is a great time for meeting new people, building community and networking. The people you meet now will be friends for life,  enchanted connections with positive energy that will light up your life!

Virgo: Flaunt your ambition. Come out of the shadows of quiet hard work, hoping someone will recognize you, that routine won’t work. This year, the more you boast, the more it’ll propel you up the ladder of success.

Libra: Selfish idealism isn’t delusion, it’s a map. But you just need to keep on course. If you avoid stopping to enjoy the view along the way, the ultimate one you see will be worth all the time you spent with blinders on.

Scorpio: Your libidinous nature can have all the satisfaction it needs. It just takes owning it and knowing it; there is no right or wrong, unless you want there to be. Yes, this year, you are an alchemist.

Sagittarius: Karma will play nice with you, if you play nice with back. That means staying committed, keeping balanced and defending justice. If you do, the harmony will flow through you and your life like never before!

Capricorn: Generosity is the key to your success, learn the power of it in the sincerest manner you can and it will come back at you twice over… However, do know the operative word in all this is sincerity. Also a great time to start yoga!

Aquarius: Roll those creative dice. Take your wildest ideas and put them into action. Live out the romance of being on the edge, because that’s where you’ll find your Utopia.

Pisces: It’s time to settle down on your piece of the world. Find a happy place where you belong and all that makes you warm and safe will be quick to follow once you do. But just like a puzzle piece, make sure it really fits.

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