Kangana Ranaut's Boyfriend is in Mumbai!

Rashmi Daryanani , 26 Jun 2012
Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut (photo courtesy | bollywood-dhamaal.com)

I remember last year, Kangana Ranaut had given an interview saying that she’s actually happy about her long distance relationship with UK-based doctor boyfriend, Nicholas Lafferty, because she likes her space and long distance means she gets to have it! But space or not, it must be nice to see each other once in a while, which is why he’s currently vacationing in India – the two have been spotted out-and-about enjoying themselves. But really, there’s only one thing I think about when I picture these two together…

I just keep trying to imagine their conversations, because that must be some clash of accents! *Lol* They both probably have very distinct accents (we’ve heard Kangana’s and I can imagine her guy’s English accent), so that’s one conversation I’d love to listen in on. In any case, I bet they’re enjoying the chance to meet up after a while, so here’s hoping they have a grand time together!

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