Kay Sera Sera, Play It Again Prabhu.

MissMalini , 27 Jun 2012
Kay Sera Sera - Pukar
Kay Sera Sera – Pukar

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE this song? I suspect if you ever heard me on the radio you’d have noticed I snuck it in every so often on my playlist :) Even the video is awesome. Prabhu Deva’s choreography is so quirky, but the moves are so precise and Madhuri Dixit makes your heart ache a little… Today for some reason it’s been running in my head on repeat so I figured I’d play it for you too :)

PS. Dear Prabha Deva, can you convince Madhuri to do a cameo in your next movie and relive this song with you? Because that would be awesome! Oooh or maybe she’ll do it on Jhalak Dikhlaja? xoxo

Kay Sera Sera – Pukar

The song Kay Sera Sera, was a remake from a Tamil movie En Swasa Kaatre, from the song Kadhal Nayagara.

The lyrics and title are from Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) by Doris Day.

And I quite love the lyrics too…

naujawaanon baat maano 
kabhii kisii se na pyaar karna 

“que sera sera sera” jo bhii ho so ho 
hamen pyaar ka ho aasara phir chaahe jo hopyaar zindagii pyaar har khushii
pyaar jisne paaya hai vohii dil phuul jaisa khila 

pyaar galtii hai pyaar dhokha hai pyaar dhaltii chhaaya hai 
dekho phir na karna gilaa 

pyaar hii dharkanon kii kahaanii hai 
pyaar hai hasiin daastaan 

pyaar aansuu’on kii deta nishaanii hai 
pyaar men hai chain kahaan 

pyaar kii baat jisne na maanii hai 
uskii na to zamiin hai na hai aasmaan 

pyaar jaise hai puurab pashchim pyaar hai uttar dakhshin 
yahaan hai pyaar hii har dishaa 

pyaar rog hai pyaar dard hai pyaar tore dil ek din 
yehii hai pyaar ka silsila
pyaar se hii to rangiin jiivan hai 
pyaar se hii dil hai jawaan
pyaar kaanton ka jaise koii ban hai 
pyaar se hii gam ka samaa 

pyaar se jaane kyon tujhko uljhan hai 
pyaar to saarii duniya pe hai meharbaan 

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