Durjoy Datta: How to Own a Guy!

Durjoy Datta: How to Own a Guy!

Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

Found a guy you want to keep for life? Want to make sure he gives you the attention you rightfully deserve? Or maybe want to spark things up with your boyfriend? Here’s how!

1. Appreciate him: Call it male ego or whatever, the fact is that guys like to feel needed. Studies show that most men stray from their partners because they feel unappreciated. So just hug him tight and let him know all the things you love about him!

2. Be independent:

Tread carefully in this department, and be the right amount of dependent on him too. Too much independence makes a man feel unwanted, whereas if you depend on him too much, he might find you clingy/needy and be turned off. Not really fair, but that’s the way it is.

3. Exhibit confidence:

Every person has his or her own set of insecurities, but you do not necessarily need to let them show in front of him. Instead, exhibit confidence. But wait—not too much! They might find you intimidating!

4. A little mystery:

He really doesn’t need to know about everything that happens to you everyday. Keep secrets. I’m not asking you to hide important things from him, just—leave some scope for him to be surprised by you every once in a while.

5. Flirt:

Again, moderation is the key. Don’t throw him over the edge and turn out to be a tease—that can be really frustrating. But do employ a little play of words or gestures to keep him interested.

6. Small touches:

Unless your guy is insanely shy in public, touching him softly while talking might work miracles. Brush past him, rest your palm gently on his arm while thanking him for something or just “accidentally” graze his feet under the table.

7. Eye contact:

Whether it seems like or not, chances are—he’s nervous around you! Look into his eyes when you talk. If he looks away, you know he’s into you. Not only that, you might even find a slight pinkish shade creep up in his cheeks and ears, making him look cuter and boosting your confidence!