July 2nd: Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan!

Karen Alfonso , 02 Jul 2012
Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan (photo courtesy | Lindsaylohan.blogspot)

Controversy’s favourite child, Lindsay Lohan turns another year older (but probably none the wiser) today. What started as a promising career in Hollywood has been marred by her stints in rehab and family drama.

From starting out as a pint-size actress in The Parent Trap to having a same-sex fling with Samantha Ronson to designing for French label Ungaro Lohan has done it all! It is no wonder then that many naysayers (myself included) feel that she’s a ticking time bomb. At the same time Lindsay has provided us with those much-needed teenage chick-flick dramas. Her 3 best films in her short career span are as follows:

1. Mean Girls

Hands down this is my favourite Lohan movie. The film that shows all too well how a clique of popular girls can make life miserable in high-school. It went on to become such a cult film with scores of girls identifying with her character.

2. The Parent Trap

Holding her own against acting stalwarts like Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson Lohan stole the show as a fiesty 8-year-old playing a double role in the movie The Parent Trap. The movie brought her international fame and till date remains one of my favourite non-Disney (animated) kiddy movies. She even managed to nail a propah Brit accent!

 3. Freaky Friday

Another teenage drama that pulls at your heart strings. This movie is perfect for Mother’s Day btw. Lindsay nails the prim mother role perfectly and Jaimie Lee Curtis as a rocker? Brilliance!

 Do you love Lindsay and think I’ve missed out on another role? Give me a shout in the comments below!

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