David Beckham's a GQMF!

Zina Tasreen , 03 Jul 2012
David Beckham in March 2012 issue of Men's Health USA ((Photo courtesy | Men's Health USA)
This. Is. Perfection. (Photo courtesy | Men's Health USA)

David Beckham.The only constant in my life since 1996  ‒ which was before he hit big time, and I was 11 years old. To me, he’s perfection personified, every step of the way (Sorry R!!). Would you believe that at the interview for my last job, at an awe-inspiring wealth management firm, when I was asked who I looked up to, I actually answered Becks? No exaggeration there ‒ my ex-bosses will vouch for it, for the rest of their lives ‒ that’s how sacred he is to me! So yeah, when I learned that he’d be the cover star of GQ India’s July 2012 issue, I couldn’t be more thrilled. And then the cover arrived…

David Beckham on the cover of July 2008 issue of GQ India
David Beckham on the cover of December 2008 issue of the British GQ (Photo courtesy | British GQ)
David Beckham on the cover of December 2008 issue of the British GQ… (Photo courtesy | British GQ)

…leaving me wholly underwhelmed, ‘cos I’ve seen it AGES AGO, on November 2008 exactly. Yeah, it was the cover of the December 2008 issue of the British GQ, and one of my bosses picked up a copy to mock me! I’m kinda disappointed with GQ India, to be honest: rather I’d see some Indian athlete competing in the Olympics later this month than a four year-old cover of Becks. Agree with me?

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