Ekta Kapoor's Email Hacked!

MissMalini , 05 Jul 2012
Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor (photo courtesy Daboo Ratnani)

Ekta Kapoor’s personal email account has been hacked! The czarina of TV was stumped when she got calls from friends saying they received emails from her asking for 11,000rs if they wished to audition for her shows. Ekta who has both a Facebook and Twitter account was unaware of this until someone brought it to her notice.

My spy says, “She was shocked that someone could actually do this. She is very net savvy and keeps in touch with her friends in the US through her mail account. She intially thought it was a prank, but when there was money involved Ekta decided to take it seriously.” She sent a text to all her friends saying her account was hacked and immediately blocked the old email ID and made a new one. She has decided to be careful in the future and now grants access to her email to very select few people!

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