Deepika Padukone: “I Have a Tough Exterior, But I Am a Very Sensitive Person.”

Rashmi Daryanani
Deepika Padukone (photo courtesy | Pallavi Jain for

Today, Deepika Padukone put in an appearance at the Lifestyle store in Phoenix Mills, where she launched a new Cocktail-inspired collection of ethnic wear. At the event, she spoke about the film, the soundtrack, and her character Veronica… all while revealing a few tidbits about herself! Check out some exclusive pictures and videos.

Deepika spoke at length about her character, saying that Veronica is a feisty girl who exudes confidence and can makes friends easily, but she knows that they’re not real friends. Since her character is this fun, rich girl, everyone likes to be seen with her, but they’re all just people who hang around without truly caring about her. Until she meets Gautam (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera (Diana Penty), of course.

Deepika Padukone and Dinesh Vijan (photo courtesy | Pallavi Jain for

She was given the choice of which female character she should play, and according to Deepika, she took a very long time to get back to Dinesh Vijan (producer of the film). Even though she knew things could go wrong easily with playing a character like Veronica (her main reasoning was that it shouldn’t look like a caricature), Deepika felt she was in a good space in her career to play Veronica – especially since Imtiaz Ali (writer of the film) recommended that one.

Deepika Padukone (photo courtesy | Pallavi Jain for

She was asked whether, in playing Veronica, she discovered that she had anything in common with the character. Deepika said that she actually doesn’t, because Veronica has grown up in a broken family, while Deepika has always been surrounded by a solid family. However, Deepika did say that she connected very well emotionally with Veronica, because she puts on a tough exterior even while she’s a very sensitive person.

Deepika Padukone (photo courtesy | Pallavi Jain for

As for the soundtrack, Deepika’s favourite song is Tum Hi Ho Bandhu. She also shared a funny anecdote: Daaru Desi was the first song they shot, and at that time, she thought the track was – to quote her – shit. Dinesh, on the other hand, thought otherwise, and so the two had a bet for 10 lacs. Since Daaru Desi has become quite popular, Deepika says she has officially lost the bet and now needs to pay up.

Then she proceeded to unveil the new ethnic line, and of course had a little fun in the process:

Deepika Padukone (photo courtesy | Pallavi Jain for

So what do you think – will Deepika do justice to the character of Veronica?

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