Lisa Haydon at the Dior Autumn 2012 Couture Show...

Zina Tasreen , 07 Jul 2012
Lisa Haydon getting ready for Dior Autumn 2012 Couture show
Getting ready…
Lisa Haydon arriving at the Dior Autumn 2012 Couture show
Almost showtime…
Can only imagine it to be a magical day…

Hey, hey, hey, did you read my post on Christian Dior’s out-of-this-world Autumn 2012 Couture show? If not, do it NOW! Juuust kidding :-) Okay, remember we told you that the incredibly lucky Lisa Haydon would be there to witness Raf Simons create fashion history? (Y-es, I’m still smarting… :[email protected]) Lisa tweeted she was getting ready for the show, Dior tweeted to inform she was arriving at the venue, 51 Avenue d’Iéna ‒ BUT, have any of you seen pic of her from the show? If not, I’ve got one for you, here… ;-)

Lisa Haydon at the Dior Autumn 2012 Couture show (Photo courtesy | Luc Castel/Dior)
Lisa Haydon inside 51 Avenue d’Iéna… (Photo courtesy | Luc Castel/Dior)

Naturally Lisa wore Dior, a Dior red [yeah, in fashion speak, this particular shade of red is associated with Dior and is called “Dior red”; there’s another shade of red which is called “Valentino red”; hot pink is called Schiaparelli pink :-)] pencil dress accented at the waist with a thin red belt. Right, the dress is undeniably elegant and just so classy, but I wish the belt was in gold/bronze to give another dimension to the outfit. Black strappy sandals and black ‘Lady Dior’ bag completed her look. I’d have styled the look differently… But girlfriend hasn’t done badly either… :-)

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