Who Wore It Better: Katrina Kaif or Kim Kardashian?

Karen Alfonso , 13 Jul 2012
Katrina Kaif and Kim Kardashian
Katrina Kaif & Kim Kardashian (photo courtesy | Actressspot.com & celebrityfashion.com)

Katrina Kaif and Kim Kardashian, now that’s something you didn’t expect to hear in the same breath did you? Well the two stars who are as similar as chalk and cheese were both spotted wearing the same Roland Mouret  “Annabelle” crepe wool dress which had a flouncy hem detail. Katrina wore an sorbet blue while Kim’s was much brighter.

I pick Katrina over Kim solely on the basis that it fits much better on her. The colour also suits her icy demeanor. What do you think? Who gets your vote?

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